The Environmental Benefits of Garburators

Starving Landfills for Over 80 Years

InSinkErator® disposers can provide an environmentally sound answer to the growing problem of food waste in Canadian landfills.  As a clean and hygienic complement to green bin systems, Garburators divert organic waste from landfills where it would otherwise create methane gas emissions (a potent greenhouse gas) and toxic leachate, which "leaches" from waste as it decomposes and could contaminate ground water.  Garburators divert organics without the need for trucks to transport the waste.

Did you know?

Food waste, like human waste, is comprised of 70-90% water.  With a Garburator, food waste is finely ground and safely sent to a wastewater treatment plant, where the same methane that pollutes landfills can be captured and used to produce fertilizer and energy.  What's more, garburators require very little water and electricity to run as the task of grinding up food waste very is quick and efficient.

The environmental advantages of food waste disposers have been demonstrated and documented by third party studies from around the globe.  There are already millions of food waste disposers installed in people's homes, starving landfills worldwide!